DOLMAINGREDIENTS -Half cup rice – 1 pepper – 1 red onion – dill – parsley – toasted pine nuts –  lemon zest, – 1 red onion – stock cube – jar of vine leaves – olive oil

1.   MAKE THE RICE – First  toast some pine nuts in a frying pan. Then in a different pan, fry the onions and peppers. Then add the raw rice and half a cup of water with stock cube. Cook until the rice becomes al dente – stir in the dill, parsley, lemon zest, squeeze in more lemon to get the taste. Wait for the rice to cool down.

2.  VINE LEAVES – Prepare the vine leaves by separating them out from the jar. Place them in boiling water for a couple of minutes until they become slightly tender. I put in about five at a time, so that they don’t stick together. I then spread out all the vine leaves on a plate to slightly dry off. Line all the small and broken vine leaves at the base of a large pan.

4.   WRAP – Start to wrap the vine leaves with the rice filling. Start stacking them in the large pan (the one lined with the small and broken vine leaves) . Stack them in tightly together.

5.  BOIL – Add half a glass of boiling water to the pan with the vine leaves (or an amount that it is about 2cm deep). Add oil and lemon on the vine leave. Then place a plate on top the vine leaves so they don’t move about. Wait for the water to start boiling, before you turn the heat down, cover and wait about 40minutes until it has cooked through.



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