Kindle V Paperback


The Dilemma

The feel of the page, the crack of the spine… is this another boring article about kindle v’s paperback.

Well what’s the truth that every book lover is trying to describe. It’s the obsession in the form of reading, and then it’s the collecting, and then it’s glancing back and reassuring. It’s the collector’s dilemma, now how do I do the remembering and the storing? Kindle or Paperback?

It’s the journey the books have taken you on; some of it was boring, some of it I didn’t understand, some of it was exhilarating as if I just ran a marathon and then knowingly but surprisingly stopped at the finish line. Now what, run another. Read another. All of these were the stories I chose to read. Not every book was part of my core being, as every book lover claims, but it was part of my time.

And so I collect them. I stack the paperbacks where ever space dictates and I come across them, as if by accident, even though I know they are there. I put them there.

Sometimes I casually balance them at the edge of the table by my bed. When I wake up, I think ah, that is what I did before I went to bed. I’m such a good reader. Sometime they get stacked on my dining table where I leave them following my commute. I see the pile gradually increase as I have my morning coffee. Some of them are displayed in my cabinet so my guests can see them too. Let’s not forget that.

It’s my superficiality as well as the conversations I have with myself, it’s my collection. It’s story I choose to tell about myself. This is the person I want to be, I see the pile and I remember. And this is what I did with my time.

So the paper v’s kindle – well now I seem to carry all of this feeling around with me in my handbag. By the touch of a screen I can browse back and can see all the books I have read. Every time I lose a bit of myself, I find it stored neatly on my kindle. I’ve just reassured myself.

The kindle v’s paperback – it’s the collectors dilemma. Which form do I feed this obsession in now?



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